The Birth of Venus

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Birth of Venus


Exploring Creation in the modern world


The Roman goddess of love and fertility was said to have risen on the tide as a fully-formed woman, born of the sea-foam. Her worship is akin to that of Ishtar and Astarte and, as such, she embodies the principles of feminine beauty, sexuality, and seductive charm.  Taking lovers in both mortals and Gods, it is her union with Mars that resulted in the birth of Cupid, God of desire and affection.

In the modern era, ancient female archetypes can serve to remind us of our true power as women, born of other women, each connected through that lineage stretching back through time.  We are mortal and we are spirit with an infinite capacity to give birth, to nourish and sustain life.

It is when we start to lose these connections, that we begin to doubt our abilities and our rights.  As human beings, we have an innate capacity to bring life into the world.  The mysterious nature of Life and Self are often forgotten in the modern age;  finding simple ways to “tune in” to this mystery can create profound change in oneself and in one’s ways of living.

Reading cards or birth charts is not the sole purpose of Birth of Venus, as an organization. It is opening a window into another realm, making connections, remembering the Divine in our daily lives, and being reminded that Creation is a power which governs itself. Creation  continuously offers us the enriching possibilities which are naturally present all around us, at all times, in the Life-force which gave birth to each and all of us, teaches us our lessons, and sustains us as we grow.